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Carpet Cleaning in Perry Hall MD

Your home, apartment or commercial space requires a lot of maintenance upkeep. While homeowners go to great lengths to ensure their families health and safety by checking vents and smoke detectors, more often than not, the actual cause of dirty vents or worn out smoke detectors is overlooked.

We are a locally owned service provider specializing in getting to the root of the problem through professional carpet care. A dirty vent could mean that your carpets have been exposed to large amounts of dust and debris and a used smoke detector might indicate that your carpets could be full of residual smoke.

If you are concerned that your space has been compromised, let us come out to your place for a free no commitment evaluation.

Don't let the name fool you, we offer more than just carpet cleaning, we also offer steam and dry carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, fire and water damage restoration, and more.

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Brighten up your space with a clean as new carpet clean

Have you felt that your unique space has lost its oomph? Instead of spending a lot of unnecessary money on repainting a room or buying new furniture, a quick and affordable carpet clean is an excellent way to spruce up a dull space.

Even though any given carpet undergoes a significant amount of traffic on any given day, the actual consequences of a poorly maintained carpet are often ignored. Over the years our carpets can lose their color and their texture, however a professional cleaning service like Carpet Cleaning Perry Hall MD can shampoo and stretch your carpet back to new.

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Why hire us?

Many of our first time clients are surprised when they realize how beneficial a carpet cleaning can be for the feeling of their space and for their own personal satisfaction. The majority of those who have their carpets cleaned for the first time report that they thought weekly vacuuming was enough.

We know that you probably think that too, so let us set the record straight. Vacuuming is without a doubt an essential chore. A weekly run over can remove surface level dirt and debris rather efficiently, however, a vacuum is absolutely no substitute for a professional grade carpet shampoo and clean. Just imagine that when you vacuum you remove the very top level of dirt every time, but you never actually get to the bottom most part of the carpet where bacteria live and breed.

Our truck mounted cleaning system can easily reach all layers of your carpet's fibers, ensuring a 100% clean and sanitary carpet for your enjoyment.

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